Jun 16, 2015

Tableware Made From Wheat

Several Made with Wheat Straw Pulp

Green Valley Packaging
Vegware's PLA cold-drink cups are made from polylactic acid (PLA), a bioplastic produced from corn and other natural starches such as wheat. These items are ideal for drinks up to 120F

Wheatfibre Plates and Bowls
Natural Wheat Fibre Plates and BOwls
If you love parties like we do, but hate the thought of throwing everything straight in the bin afterwards, here is a fantastic range of compostable disposable plates made from wheat fibres, which you can pop straight on your home compost heap after the party, giving you less time at the sink and more time to have fun!

Ultra Freen Packaging
Click Protect the enviroment: Show your customers you’re as committed to the environment as they are by offering your products in Ultra Green packaging. Our tree-free, plant-fiber products are made from rapidly renewable resources, including wheat straw, bagasse and other agriculture by-products, and they are produced in a chemical-free, zero-waste manner that minimizes the carbon footprint of our USA manufacturing facility.

Compostable Plates, Cups Other Products
Green is Green
Compostable Bagasse Plates and Trays Compostable and Biodegradable Made from Sugar Cane, Wheat Grass and Wheat Microwaveable and Freezer Safe

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From Avoiding Milk Protein
Non Food Items Made From Wheat/ Gluten

In my opinion this is a danger for those with wheat or gluten issues, as the allergens could easily trancfer to ones food or drink.

Jun 9, 2015

Menstrual Products That Contain Corn

Menstrual Product
Lovemoon Sanitary pad
Q. What is the distinguishing material charactristics of Anion strips & Polygel?
A. Both are made from food grade materials. The Anion strip is made of algae plant while polygel is made from corn extract.

Menstrual Product
WinIon Anion Sanitary Napkins
The Anion Strip is made of an algae plant while the poly-gel is made of a corn extract.

Menstrual Product
Naty Women Care
GM Free Corn Based Film

Menstrual Product
Packages say contains cornstarch

Menstrual Product
Tsuno pads are made from a natural bamboo (not viscose) and corn fibre top sheet, individually wrapped in biodegradable sleeves, and finally packaged in recycled cardboard boxes. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable fibres available due to its fast growth-rate, low demands on resources and natural resistance to pests and fungi.

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From Avoiding Milk Protein:
Non Food Items Made From Corn

My Opinion:
Most corn in Menstrual products are not labled, this is particularly dangerous due to the potential location of reactions.

Jun 8, 2015

Vitamin Products That Contain Nuts

Vitamins That Contain Nuts:
Abdec Multivitamin Drops
Abidec Multivitamin Drops is contraindicated in individuals with known hypersensitivity to the product or any of its components including peanut oil.

Alfacalclcidol Vitamin D Product
These capsules contain small amounts of peanut oil (arachis oil), which may cause a severe allergic reaction in sensitive people.

Fulium D3 (colecalciferol) Vitamin D
Not to Be Used In:
•People with an allergy to peanuts or soya (Fultium D3 capsules contain arachis oil).

Supplement That Contains Peanuts
Preser Vision AREDS 2 Formula
supplementIngredients: Ascorbic acid, gelatin, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, glycerin, soybean oil with peanut oil, zinc oxide, marigold flower extract, soy lecithin with peanut oil, yellow beeswax, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, cupric oxide, FD&C red 40, FD&C blue 1.

I have found a few weight gain and body building supplements and products that contain nuts.

Vitamin May Contain Tree Nuts:
Emerald Labs Prenatal Multi Vitamin
Allergy Information: Product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, fish & shellfish. Dietary supplement FREE of milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, yeast, gluten, artificial flavors or preservatives.

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From Avoiding Milk Protein:
Prescriptions, Over-the-Counter Medications and Treatments Containing Nuts

Concern Over Vitamins and Peanut Allergies:
Peanut oil in vitamin A and D preparations: reactions to skin test and manifestation of symptoms

Jun 3, 2015

Corn in Diapers

Naty Diaper
Instead of using plastic film made from oil, in our diapers/nappies, we use a film that is made from GM free corn starch

Honest Diapers
Honest Diapers
Bio-based, gluten free wheat/corn blend in super absorbent core

Earth Best Diapers
Earth Best Diapers
•Contains natural absorbant material such as corn and wheat

Bamcorn Biodegradable Diaper
Cool Fit Biodegradable Diaper Back to Nature, made from Corn and Bamboo Fibres Natural " Breathing Fibres

Diaper Liners
Cloth Nappy Liners
"Punga Tails® all natural corn fibre nappy liners make changing cloth nappies clean and easy and are so soft and gentle on babies’ skin. Nappy liners sit next to babies skin so it is important that this fabric is natural and chemical free."

Diaper Liners
Nappy Linners
"Pop In Nappy Liners made from Corn starch PLA (Polyactic Acid) - a modern polyester derived from natural starches and sugars to create biodegradable and compostable liners."

Some of the larger diaper companies have admitted/ bragged about using corn to make their diapers in Tweets/ Facebook answers and emails to currious people, however this information is usually NOT provided on their web sites.

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Avoiding Milk Protein Site
Non Food Items Made From Corn

Jun 2, 2015

Jewellery Products that Contain Milk

Fake Amber
Fake Amber
When it comes to glass it is much more solid, cold and you wouldn't be able to scratch it with a metal. Celluloid is quite similar to Amber optically; however it is more solid and diffuses burnt plastic when heated. Fenolic resin is very similar to Amber beads in shape and color so the easiest way to distinguish them is through smell. Casein is a form of plastic made from milk those beads are usually in turbid yellow color. It is easy to differentiate Casein from Amber since it is heavier and it diffuse plastic smell when heated.

Fake Amber
What materials are being used to simulate Amber? (aricle scroll down)
Along with the other popular jewelry stones, fake Amber occasionally appears on the markets. There are several possible imitations that are being used to replace Amber, such as Glass, Polymer materials, Casein, Copal (young tree resin) and other substances.

Earplugs Made From Milk
"Flux also supply Ear Plugs made from Casein. Casein is a unique marbled material produced by acid precipitation of pure skimmed milk, which has varied applications as both a foodstuff and a plastic. Manufactured at only two locations in the world, casein is powdered between steel rollers and laid flat. Only 1mm per week can be laid down for the casein to bond effectively. A 16mm ear plug takes 4 months of preparation followed by a further 3 months of hardening. The resulting product is inert. No two plugs have the same pattern."

Casein Plastic Plug
Wildcat Casein Plastastic Plug (CEP)
Casein is a unique marbled material produced by acid precipitation of pure skimmed milk, which has varied applications as both a foodstuff and a plastic.

Galalith is Not French Bakelite (artilce)
In the early 1900’s, notable French and German jewelry makers such as Coco Channel and Jakob Bengel began using the material in the production of jewelry, with its widest use in the 1920’s and 30’s. Restrictions on milk use during WWII slowed, and then eliminated, the production of Galalith and once replaced by other modern plastic materials, which could be cast and heat-molded, Galalith never regained its former popularity.

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From Avoiding Milk Protein:
Non Food Items Made From Milk

In my opinion this is a low risk, for those with milk allergies, but also an interesting group of products made from milk.