Mar 18, 2016

Water Filtration Systems That Uses Nuts to Filter Water

Hydrow Waltut Shell Filter
By utilizing "Black Walnut Shells" as the media, the HYDROFLOW removes greater than 98% of oil contaminants and suspended solids from a water stream.

Nutshell Filter
ProSep Nutshell Filter
The Deep Bed Nutshell Filter utilizes the nutshell media particles to form a tortuous path for oil droplets and solid particles to be “strained” from the process stream. Oil droplets and solid particles become trapped in the small crevices between adjacent media particles and are effectively removed from the process stream.

Nutshell Filter
HYDROMATION nutshell filter systems use crushed black walnut shells as the filter media. Walnut shells are known for having a strong affinity for oil, and have a unique backwashing mechanism to clean the filter bed. For most applications, the backwash fluid being feed water instead of filtered water.

Nutshell Filter
Enviro-Tech Systems
The Enviro-Shell Black Walnut Shell media filter is the 8th generation in the evolution of walnut shell filters. It brings to the market an innovative filter that provides economic advantages to waste water cleanup applications. The Enviro-Shell™ performs as all down flow nut shell filters except it incorporates new innovations that have benefits over previous nut shell filters.

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